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Call for recognition of a world day for the right to energy

11/10/23 Publications, International

Today, more than 1 billion people in the world have no access to electricity, and more than 2 billion people have only partial access to electricity, unable to meet their needs. More than 200 million people are living in energy poverty (55 million in the United States, 125 million in the European Union, including more than 12 million in France). The WHO estimates that there is a direct link between indoor air pollution, health and access to electricity. More than 4 million people die prematurely from diseases attributable to domestic air pollution caused by lack of access to electricity. For the WHO, there is a link between life expectancy and healthy housing, access to electricity and drinking water.

For the International Labour Organisation, half of the world's working population does not have access to decent work, i.e. work that is adequately remunerated, carried out in good conditions of safety and participation, providing a minimum of social protection for the worker and his or her family and offering the possibility of a better future.
The United Nations considers that access to energy is a vital need for humanity.

In 2012, the UN declared that access to electricity for all should be a fundamental and universal Human Right.

Today, in all the countries where our NGO is organised, we are calling on elected representatives and public authorities to declare a World Day for the Right to Access to Energy for All!
We are calling on all the leaders of these countries to take this fundamental right to the United Nations.

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